POP Parish Outreach Program

Formation K-8th Grade


You may enroll your child in classes even if they have already made First Holy Communion! On-going faith formation and participation in family events at the parish nurtures a sense of community and belonging.

Registration form

Forma de registracion para clases en ingles


 Keep them Catholic  -  make church a part of your extended family!

Questions? Contact Dana Robles, Coordinator of Catechesis (951)689-1131 ext. 240  [email protected]


All classes will meet at St. Thomas School.


Calendar is coming soon. K-8 formation begins at the end of September/ beginning of October based on the course you select.

Please consider being an Aide in the classroom. You will receive discounted tuition and blessings you can’t imagine!


Dear Parents,
                It is with great enthusiasm that I greet you, ready to partner in giving your child(ren) an awesome experience of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Catechesis at the parish happens through prayer, planning, and perseverance.  Many volunteer Catechists are diligently getting ready to welcome your children to class. 
Two suggestions to have a rewarding and fruitful experience this year;
1) Pray! - Individually and as a family.As simple as this might sound, it is easy to get caught up in daily life and forget to converse with our Creator. Mass on Sunday is the greatest form of prayer and connects us with our parish community!
2) Meet your child’s Catechist!!! The volunteer Catechists have answered a call to ministry, get to know the person who is helping to pass on the faith to your child(ren). Ask how you can be of help to her/him and then let us know how we can be of help to you.  
I try to remind myself, often, that I should live with the end in mind. I suppose that might sound a bit fatalistic, but what is our end as Catholic-Christians? Heaven!  In this world of instant news, much of the time scary and very hard to shelter our children from, let’s teach them to “live with the end in mind”, and rejoice in the promise of eternal salvation.  Our God is an awesome God!
           I am here to serve you and your family, please let me know if you have any concerns or questions. I look forward to a year filled with many moments of JOY as we ponder;  “eye has not seen, and ear has not heard…what God has prepared for those who love him” 
1 Cor.2:9                                                                                                               
May your family be richly blessed by His grace,
Dana Robles                                                                                                  
Coordinator of Catechetical Ministry
[email protected]   951 689-1131 ext 240   
Does your child need to make their First Holy Communion but is not Baptized yet? Please see RCIA-AC