POP Parish Outreach Program

Staff Member: Arcelia Lopez

Staff Member: Arcelia Lopez

Arcelia Lopez

Office Manager
Phone: 951-689-1131
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I do what I do because...

I maintain confidentiality. I am a good listener. I am understanding and firm.
I follow the rules and am open minded. I am able to make a not so good situation better. I have the ability to unite co-workers.
I push people to their full potential. I enjoy praying together and breaking bread together. I bring fun to the work environment.
I am able to see the good/God in all people. I do my job with the Church’s and my Pastor’s best interest at the forefront.
Fulfilling all this gives me a humble sense of pride in our parish staff and community.

My husband Steve (Knights of Columbus) and I have been a part of the St. Thomas parish community since 1990. Our family has been active in many aspects of Parish life such as; Knights of Columbus, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School, Eucharistic Ministry, catechesis and where ever there is a need. As Office Manager, I assist our pastor and staff in various roles.

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